Almost 2 in 5 consumers say they’ll provide IDFA access

March 16, 2021
Almost 2 in 5 consumers say they’ll provide IDFA access

In a February survey, 38.5% of smartphone owners say they’ll allow tracking on mobile by tapping “yes” in Apple’s App Tracking Transparency prompt. If that actually happens, it could be enough to make informed decisions about the 61.5% that won’t allow tracking.

Or, of course, they could be totally different kinds of users.

In addition, what people say they’ll do on a survey and what they do in reality can be vastly different.

However, what we did learn from a survey of 600 consumers is that men and women react differently to Apple’s ATT prompt. We also learned that age has a huge impact on how people view mobile tracking via IDFA. And, perhaps most importantly of all, we learned that you can impact people’s view of mobile tracking via both messages about why you’d like permission and your brands’ ongoing, existing relationship with them.

To get all the details, check out the IDFA data and charts here.

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