Hyper-Casual Will Thrive Post-IDFA. Here’s Why.

May 18, 2021
Hyper-Casual Will Thrive Post-IDFA. Here’s Why.

In 2017, the addictive and bite-sized games stormed into the app stores with record numbers. In 2020, we witnessed countless market consolidations in this arena, and hyper-casual titles accounting for nearly 31% of all installs. With Apple’s privacy changes enforced – many in the industry predict a doomsday scenario for hyper-casual. Owing to the genre’s heavy reliance on ad monetization and losing precise user-level data, it’s understandable.

However, taking a deeper dive into the economics of hyper-casual games, their dedicated ad formats, and the business model it follows, we see a different story that provides a glimpse into how hyper-casual can adapt to the changes quickly and transition easier than other mobile gaming genres.

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