IDFA deprecation, iOS 14, and ATT. 35 mobile marketers’ questions answered

February 12, 2021
IDFA deprecation, iOS 14, and ATT. 35 mobile marketers’ questions answered

Last week we held an iOS 14 IDFA deprecation ask-me-anything webinar. We started with 14 questions, and ended up with over 60.

Needless to say, we didn’t get through all the questions.

Today, however, we’re releasing answers to the 35 questions that we didn’t manage to answer during the webinar. They’re all from mobile marketers with queries on what to do without the IDFA. How to measure marketing in iOS 14. Whether App Transparency Tracking (ATT) covers email or fingerprinting. If deferred deeplinks will still work. And, of course, how to start working with Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework.

Thanks to our webinar speakers Gadi Eliashiv, CEO of Singular, and Yevgeny Peres, head of growth at ironSource, and other internal experts at Singular such as chief growth officer Ron Konigsberg, we’ve managed to answer them all.

Which doesn’t mean you won’t have more, of course:

And here are the additional answers:

1) How should we adjust our conversion value setup for Facebook? Will we be able to run with Facebook if we opt to use our own conversion value events instead of Facebook’s?

Conversion values across all networks must be managed using a single tool, as the conversion value is set without having any information about the acquisition source. Facebook provides two ways for managing conversion values which are compatible with running AEO (App Event Optimization) and VO (Value Optimization) campaigns: implementing it with the Facebook SDK or using an MMP SKAdNetwork conversion management.

Using an MMP provides additional value, such as enhanced flexibility for conversion value management, cross-network support, and SKAdNetwork data aggregation across all channels to form a unified view of your marketing results.

Singular is committed to support our customers with implementing SKAdNetwork across all the channels, Facebook included, and we are working closely with the Facebook team to provide the best experience possible (read more about Singular and Facebook here).

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