How Publishers Can Prepare for Apple’s App Tracking Update

February 12, 2021
How Publishers Can Prepare for Apple’s App Tracking Update

With Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update set to kick in with iOS 14.5 in early Spring, it’s important to get your app SKAdNetwork ready so you can continue to monetize on iOS 14.5 devices. Here are the steps that you can take today:

  1. Update your monetization partner SDK to the latest version and
  2. Add your supply partner’s complete list of SKAdNetwork to your info.plist

Here are some tips from the industry’s top supply partners:

  • Make sure all SKAdNetworks are in lowercase on your plist – Per Apple’s specs, you must lowercase the ad network identifier strings for installs to be tracked on your app. – Fyber
  • Release your app as soon as possible – Don’t wait until ATT kicks in! Push your newest app version with that latest SKAdNetwork IDs so users have more time to update to your latest app version. – Fyber
  • Run A/B tests to improve opt-ins -Try experimenting with messaging, design and even timing of the permission pop-ups to maximize opt-in rates. – InMobi
  • Enable monetization on all support ad formats to maximize revenue – Enable high impact ads like rewarded video, playables and interstitials, which score better on viewability, engagement and conversions, and ultimately see higher CPMs, fills and ad spend. – InMobi
  • Be more flexible in your waterfall strategy – Think about new channels such as Google Play and Amazon if you aren’t on those platforms today. Chartboost is one of the few ad network partners that supports ad monetization on Amazon. – Chartboost
  • Be flexible with your SDK schedules and updates – Apple is constantly updating their specifications and documentation which might require us as monetization partners to update our SDKs. – Chartboost

To get started, visit your partner’s to install the latest SDK and add your partner’s complete list of SKAdNetworks to your info.plist.

Quick links to your monetization partners’ latest SDKs and SKAdNetwork IDs:

AdColonySDKSKAdNetwork IDs
ChartboostSDKSKAdNetwork IDs
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