How to test SKAdNetwork: Step-by-step instructions

February 13, 2021
How to test SKAdNetwork: Step-by-step instructions

Since we announced our first-to-market support for SKAdNetwork and released our open-source code for its implementation, we’ve been collaborating with many advertisers, publishers, ad networks, and MMPs to integrate SKAdNetwork and start testing it.

We’ve received many questions and ideas in our Mobile Attribution Privacy (MAP) slack group, but one of the most common questions that I’ve personally been getting is how to test the framework and see actual postbacks from it – a task that many have been struggling with. Some have even started to suspect if it’s even working at all yet…

We can assure you that SKAdNetwork indeed works, and we’ve seen the live postbacks signed by Apple before our very eyes. And although it may be challenging to figure out initially, it’s definitely possible once you understand the details. So we wanted to share those tips to help you expedite the SKAdNetwork adoption and push the industry forward.

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